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Eric Goldschein

Eric Goldschein
Eric Goldschein is a staff writer at Fundera, a marketplace for small business financial solutions. He covers entrepreneurship, small business trends, finance, and marketing.

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The Dangers of Predatory Business Loans: 8 Warning Signs to Look For

By Eric Goldschein January 3, 2019

Running a small business is stressful enough without worrying that someone will try to take advantage of you in a time of need. Unfortunately, predatory business loans are exactly that: A lender taking advantage of a borrower through unfair or unclear terms and practices.

While small business lending isn’t predatory by nature, there are lenders who structure loans in a way that can cost business owners thousands of extra dollars, if not their entire business.

If you’ve decided that applying for a small business loan is the right decision for your company, it’s crucial that you do your homework and take note of what makes for a good versus bad loan to avoid putting you and your business at risk.

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