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Stephanie Knapp

Stephanie Knapp
Stephanie is a marketing copywriter who loves the variety and creativity that comes from collaborating with technology companies. Her background in market research also means she's forever on the hunt for the perfect stat to support a blog.

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The Employee Handbook: Why You Need One and What to Include

By Stephanie Knapp November 30, 2018

Writing an employee handbook as a manager is a lot like eating vegetables as a kid. It’s good for you in the long run, but there are lots of other things you’d rather do. Your to-do list is probably a mile long and unforeseen challenges pop up every day. Time is at a premium, so it’s easy for something like an employee handbook to fall by the wayside.

But this is an investment in the future that’s worth making time for. The employee handbook is your chance to start every new hire off with a baseline understanding of your company’s culture, expectations, and operations. Below, we’re going to tell you how an employee handbook can help your business, show you what to include in yours, and provide a few examples you can look to as you write your own.  

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15 Team Building Games Your Employees Will Actually Like

By Stephanie Knapp October 30, 2018

If you’ve ever led or participated in a team building game, then you know that they can often cause eye rolls. It’s not that employees don’t want to have fun and become closer to their coworkers. It’s more likely that they’ve encountered team building games that have been uncomfortable, boring, or just plain corny.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself, which may leave you wondering why you’d even bother with team building games in the first place. Here's why: A staggering 68% of U.S. employees are disengaged at work, and just over half are looking for a new job. So, if your business resembles the rest of the workforce, that means more than two-thirds of your employees simply don't care enough to give their best effort. Does that sound like a recipe for success? Of course not. The data backs it up too, as a study by IBM’s Kenexa found that companies in the top quartile of employee engagement have double the net income as companies in the bottom quartile.

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