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Labor Market Changes: Stadiums Reopening with Temp Workers

By September 22, 2021 September 28th, 2021 No Comments

Labor Market Changes: Stadiums Reopening with Temp Workers

Nearly every business sector dealt with serious adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world begins to return to “normal,” industries are dealing with marketplaces that look much different than before. Fortunately, new digital tools are available to help with the transition.

Stadiums were one of the first businesses to feel the full effect of COVID-19 lockdowns. By nature, stadiums are designed to pack thousands of people close together, which was precisely the type of thing people found the need to avoid. As a result, concerts and events were postponed. In addition, many large events moved to virtual platforms, seeing a 1000% increase in virtual events in the opening months of the pandemic. Sports leagues canceled games, drastically limited fan attendance, or played in some type of bubble with no fans in attendance.

Now a majority of those surveyed in May of 2021, said that it is time for stadiums to open at full capacity. While stadiums are eager to get back to business as usual, they have found that their workforce has changed in the time since the pandemic started.

There are very few industries that are not facing a labor shortage. According to the US Chamber of commerce, there are simply more job openings than available workers in many sectors. This means that stadiums, which require a large workforce, are trying to find ways to adjust. One way they are finding to navigate the labor crunch is by hiring more temp and part-time workers.

Temporary workers can be an excellent solution during worker shortages because they fill multiple roles at multiple organizations simultaneously. However, working with more people with temporary and part-time positions puts additional pressure on managers and HR departments. They need to find a way to manage these workers, source other temporary and part-time workers, schedule and track workers, all while maintaining a high level of quality and customer service.

Fortunately, Nowsta offers tools to hire, deploy, and pay your temporary stadium workforce. Stadiums can streamline their processes using the power of AI, intelligent time tracking, cross-platform messaging, and real-time notifications. Nowsta also helps to keep those hard-to-find temporary employees happy by allowing better schedule management and easier planning all from their mobile phones. Nowsta can also offer these valuable workers instant wage availability and digital paychecks. These features and tools can help with employee job satisfaction which means more productivity and less turnover, both of which are critical as stadiums try to get back to normal during the labor crunch.

Learn why more than 10,000 managers nationwide rely on Nowsta to manage, track and pay their workers every day.


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