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The ABC Test for Independent Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

By Ginny Bartolone June 25, 2019

The long-awaited AB-5 bill has arrived after a 2018 state court ruling changed the way California differentiates between employees and independent contractors (ICs). The court set the three-part ABC test as California’s method of determining a worker’s status, shifting it away from the more ambiguous, employer-friendly federal standards. The AB-5 bill then further codifies the rights and benefits owed by the employer after a former IC has been reclassified as a full employee. AB-5 recently passed the state assembly and heads to the state senate in just a few months. 

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Understanding Meal and Rest Break Laws in Your State

By Henry Updegrave April 22, 2019

Meal and rest breaks are considered a standard perk at most workplaces, and yet they’re not actually mandated by federal law. At the federal level, employers are only required to compensate breaks lasting less than 20 minutes, should they choose to provide them (the one exception being nursing breaks for mothers, a minimum level of which are required by federal law -- we’ll cover this more later). It’s actually up to the states themselves to determine if and when employers have to make these breaks available to employees, which means the standards are different all over the country.

Work break laws can be broken down into four major categories based on the people and circumstances they cover:

  • Breaks for minors
  • Meal breaks
  • Rest breaks
  • Nursing breaks

While some states have no mandated work breaks, most of them call for employers to provide one or more of the breaks listed above.

Understanding your state’s rest and meal breaks help ensure that you’re fully compliant and properly measuring overtime. And if your business has employees across multiple states, you of course need to make sure you’re meeting each one’s unique standards at your different locations. Below, we’re going to talk about each type of meal and rest break law, explain what it means to your business, and lay out which states it applies to.

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Federal Overtime Laws: The Latest Updates from the Department of Labor

By Henry Updegrave April 1, 2019

Long-awaited updates to federal overtime laws are finally here. On March 7, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed new changes to the overtime threshold exemptions under the Federal Labor Standards Act. This proposal — which is now taking public comment — calls for a higher overtime exemption threshold than exists now, but a lower one than the DOL called for under the Obama Administration.

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