Three reasons events companies should link time tracking with scheduling

In an earlier post, we looked at why having an electronic time and attendance solution is so valuable to events companies.
Here, we discuss three reasons why it's so important for companies to make sure their electronic time and attendance solution is part of their scheduling platform.

1. Effortlessly identify time tracking discrepancies

When scheduling and time tracking are not linked, identifying discrepancies becomes extremely time consuming. To determine which employees arrive early or late, an HR Manager typically has to compare two spreadsheets -scheduled hours and actual hours. On days with over 100 shifts, the process of reconciling the two is difficult and time consuming.

In contrast, Nowsta has tools that automatically identify when a worker:

  • Does not show up to work
  • Arrives early or shows up late
  • Leaves early or late
  • Does not clock out.

As a result, identifying discrepancies is almost effortless. Managers just have to keep an eye out for any shifts that Nowsta flags to see if there's a big difference between a worker's scheduled hours and their actual hours.

2. Identify your best staff (and your worst!)

The data collected by the time tracking software, especially data around the four scenarios mentioned above, is very valuable in terms of identifying your best staff.

A worker’s average arrival time for a scheduled shift is a good predictor of worker quality - workers who arrive earlier tend to be more effective and conscientious than workers who regularly arrive late. Because Nowsta tracks scheduled time and actual check-in/check-out time, it can automatically tell you every worker’s average arrival time, as well as keep a history of no-shows.

Nowsta’s Manager Timeclock app also allows on-site event managers to rate staff on a scale of 1-5 stars based on their performance at an event.

This app makes it easy for managers to recognize which staff are performing well and which need more training -- without even being at the event. The upshot is that managers can now reward high performing staff by picking them for more events, resulting in better service for their clients.

3. Better staff performance

Time tracking and rating staff has an additional benefit - better staff performance at events.

When staff know they are being evaluated at events and that those evaluations will inform staffing coordinators, they tend to work harder and act more conscientiously than they otherwise would.

Similar to how an Uber driver knows that if they get too many poor ratings, they won’t be selected to drive anymore, event staff understand that if they perform poorly, they will get a poor rating, which will negatively affect their ability to get more jobs in the future. Likewise, staff are more willing to go the extra mile when they believe they’ll be rewarded for it. Nowsta’s tools make that possible.

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